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Metric (Euro) to Standard PVC Couplings and Unions. 


Products that come from all over the world use metric sizing.  These easily allow you to convert European Metric-sized plumbing to Standard US PVC.

Size Chart

20mm to 1/2"

25mm to 3/4"

32mm to 1"

40mm to 1-1/4"

50mm to 1-1/2"

Dual 1/2" Manifold


Skip the hassle of making your own shopping list of fittings and valves, then cutting and gluing, and go with Adaptive Reef’s Dual 1/2 inch Manifold. This premade manifold accommodates diverting flow to 2 different outlets, and can be used for a variety of applications, from closed loop flow diversion, to running equipment like a skimmer or reactor. Each outlet includes its own ball valve for basic on/off and larger general flow adjustments. 

In-Line Probe Holder Manifold


The In-Line Probe Holder comes with 4 probe holder ports with compression fittings to ensure a water-tight fit. Also included are plugs for any unused ports. The supplied probe fittings will accept most standard probes, such as pH probes, ORP probes and conductivity probes. The In-Line Probe Holder can be plumbed into any section of 3/4 inch PVC plumbing via the slip X slip union connections, and the clear PVC section allows for visual verification that the probes are getting proper water contact. Adaptive Reef also thoughtfully included an isolation valve which can be plumbed upstream of the manifold to allow for routine maintenance. 

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