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Algae Scrubbers

Elevate Your Aquarium's Ecosystem with the Adaptive Reef ATS Series

Experience the pinnacle of nutrient and algae management with our Adaptive Reef ATS Series, designed for aquariums of all sizes, from hobbyist setups to large-scale displays. Ensure a balanced aquatic environment by addressing nutrient imbalances head-on.

Key Features:

  • Natural Nutrient Reduction: Targets and reduces excess nitrates and phosphates, addressing the root causes of nutrient imbalances directly.

  • Contaminant Removal: Actively purifies the water column, fostering a healthier ecosystem for aquatic life.

  • Efficient Algae Growth: Optimized light blockers reduce light spillage, enhancing algae growth efficiency.

  • Easy Algae Harvesting: Streamlined maintenance with easy-access tray for quick algae removal.

  • Simple Installation: Quick, hassle-free setup that integrates seamlessly into existing systems with a flexible, multi-directional input barb.

  • Quality Acrylic Construction: Built from durable, high-quality acrylic for long-lasting performance.

  • Leak-Free Design: Robust construction ensures a clean and safe operation.

  • Versatility: Compatible with both freshwater and saltwater systems, adaptable to any aquarium setup.

Included with Each Unit:

  • Adaptive Reef ATS Algae Scrubber

  • In-Sump Stand

  • Clear Hose for Hookup

  • Captiv8 Aquaculture Isol8 MT Trace Element Solution (Sample Size)

  • PTFE Thread Seal Tape

Installation and Use:

  • Setup: Easily mount above the sump using the provided stand, adaptable to various locations.

  • Operation: Connect via a secondary pump or manifold to manage water flow.

  • Maintenance: Features an easy-access tray for efficient algae harvesting; initial trace element solution included to promote optimal algae growth.

Patent No.: US 11,629,082

Elevate and maintain the pristine condition of your aquarium with the Adaptive Reef ATS, your comprehensive solution for effective nutrient control and algae management.

Tank Size: 50-100 gallons
Dimensions: 8"Lx 8"W x9"H
Flow Rate: 100-150 GPH

Tank Size: 100-180 gallons
Dimensions: 10"Lx8"W x10"H
Flow Rate: 150-350 GPH

Tank Size: 180-400 gallons
Dimensions: 12"Lx 11"W x 12"H
Flow Rate: 150-450 GPH

Tank Size: 400-1000 gallons
Dimensions: 15"Lx11"W x 14"H
Flow Rate: 150-600 GPH


A6 DC 200 and A8 DC 300


Pump: Sicce PSK SDC 1200 


Apex IOTA controllable - PSK SDC pumps are the latest generation of pumps for skimmer applications and incorporate integrated intelligence systems for pump installation in advanced systems. Specifically dedicated programming, control, excellent performance, energy efficiency, and the possibility to use both in-line and submerged and low operating temperatures make this new range of pumps unique for their peculiarities. 



  • PVC and Acrylic, Keeping molded plastics at the bare minimum for longevity.

  • Titanium Hex head screws with an included tool for maintenance. 

  • 3/8” push connect fittings throughout.

  • Silicone feet to keep the noise down.

  • Skimmer cup drain provided if required.

A6 DC 200

200-gallon rating this can go up significantly as the A6 DC 200 has full DC controllability and adjustable necks.

  • 2" neck insert Lowest Bioload Quick reference  1-2 cubes a day in 90 gallons

  • 3" neck insert Medium Bioload  Quick reference 1-3 cubes a day in 90 gallons

  • 3 .75" neck Full Bioload Quick reference 2-3+ cubes a day in 90 gallons

A8 DC 300

300-gallon rating this can go up significantly as the A8 DC 300 has full DC controllability and adjustable necks.

  • 3" neck insert 2-5 cubes a day in 160 gallons

  • 3.75" neck insert 3-5+ cubes a day in 160 gallons

  • 4.5" neck 1-4 cubes a day in 160 gallons

Due to the nature of Bioload and the number of factors involved please use the Quick reference only as a starting guide. Other factors can cause changes in Biolaod and skimmer performance.  These references were tested on closed systems with keeping Phosphates, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate within acceptable limits on a FOWLR system.


A6 DC 200 Footprint: 9.5" x 7.5" x 21" tall

A8 DC 300 Footprint: 9.5" x 11" x 24" tall

Recommended sump water level: 6 in. - 8 in. Only a recommendation and has been tested at 5".


Body size: 6-inch or 8-inch


Quick Reference

  • 3/8” push connect fittings

  • M6 Titanium fasteners throughout

  • 5mm Allen wrench required for fasteners (provided)

  • Compatible Pumps: Sicce PSK SDC 1200 (Recommended), Sicce PSK 600-1200

  • PVC compatible glue Weldon 16 available on Amazon

  • Acrylic compatible glue Weldon 16 available on Amazon

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