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Adaptive Reef was built around ODM, OEM services, and product development.

From protein skimmers to simple frag plugs Adaptive Reef can turn your idea or brand into a major force around the globe.

By using our 15,000-square-foot facility in Canada and our over 10,000-square-foot facility abroad, we are able to meet almost every request, no matter how large or small.

Made in Canada or abroad, we will always blend the approach to make the best possible product with the lowest possible MOQ.

White-label product runs are available, Adaptive Reef and its partners work with some of the largest brands in the industry to bring stability to their supply chain and improve turnaround times. 

Clear Water Scrubbers 

Clear Water Algae scrubbers have been successfully used for many years to combat excess nutrients via the growth of natural algae. Due to the efficiency of algae scrubbers, many aquarists no longer need expensive nitrate and phosphate removal media to combat nutrient levels. Testing has shown algae from a scrubber contains almost 50% more nitrogen than traditional macro algae like chaeto used in refugiums.  Algae grown inside the scrubber also remove unwanted contaminants from the water column. An algae scrubber can easily be added to almost any saltwater or freshwater system to lower nutrient and contaminant levels to help inhabitants thrive. As the algae grows, it will “lock up” nutrients/contaminants in its structure, and by harvesting the algae you are removing these from your tank.


Harry's Aquatics

Adaptive Reef brought the Toggle box from a 3D-printed side project to a worldwide product. Tested by Neptune with Apex Ready certified.

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